Mystical Alliance of Satan Glorified

Who are we?
A.M.S.G. - Alliance Mystique de Satan Glorifié (The Mystical Alliance of Satan Glorified)
A few passionate people living in the south of France, a collective of artists and aesthetes who are
working on their own spiritual awakening. We all have our own vision of the world and each of
us has our own vision of the archetype of Satan. Each one plunges into his/hers own depths, to
discover his or her true self, in search of the spark that will light the flaming torch of Lucifer, the
torch of knowledge and intelligence! The AMSG has no political affiliation or sympathy for any
organized authority.


Worshippers of Satan, Explorers of the Great Mysteries of the Mystical Experience. A tradition whose ultimate aim is to help us discover, explore and express our true nature. Unconditioned and unpolluted by the society of appearances. Free from dogma and obligation, we create rituals that are adapted and approved so that each of us can sublimate our own unique path.

Why Satan?

Some words are charged with power, just like symbols. Due to our black metal background,
the word Satan has a strong positive connotation for us. We use it as a synonym for freedom,
knowledge and rebellion against the established norms and morality of our monotheistic society.
Satan is also an esoteric tool for personal development and artistic inspiration. Satan is the voice
of opposition and rebellion. The force that makes us leave our comfort zone and pushes us to
create. Satan is the non-conformist, the one who challenges the established system.