Frater D. will be performing live soundscapes for the Wormwood Star Ritual with Horde and Kazim Malevtich at Berlin Occulture Conference 2023 . We will also hold a shared stall for #lavoixdesatan and Hexen Press
The Wormwood Star Ritual takes participants on a magical journey through the stars to follow the Dance of the Goddess of Heavens, inviting her presence to manifest through the ancient Babylonian doorway at the threshold between Life and Death. The performance calls on the descent of the magical currents from Sirius in order to bring the ‘Fresh Fever from the Skies’, the Apocalypse in the sense of Revelation, the mutations of consciousness necessary for mankind’s evolution.
The ritual incorporates elements of ceremonial magic, sacred geometry, magical symbolism, all set against a backdrop of mesmerizing visual and auditory stimuli. Through this multi-sensory experience, attendees will be invited to explore their own inner landscapes and confront the mysteries of the Goddess of Heavens.
Looking forward to this new edition of Occulture and to meet old and new friends there!
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